When all members of a team share the same vision of success, amazing things can happen. Look no further than the business example of Apple to see exactly what I’m talking about here.

#1: Someone Must Take the Lead

No, this does not mean all responsibilities fall on one person’s shoulders; rather, the person is a coordinator, a motivator and a filter for all of the company’s core content and social media.

#2: Educate Via an Event

What NOT to do:

Send out a sudden mass email to all company employees asking them to write blog articles.
Notify staff of the company’s new Facebook page and suggest they Like it.

What to do:

Bring as many staff together as possible for a company “social media summit.”

During this summit, the first half of the event is really meant for education. This is where all employees can become familiar with types of social media, the potential power of these platforms, how content marketing works, etc.

#3: Encourage Employee Action

Implement an action plan

Produce multiple blog articles a week, all without putting too much burden on the shoulders of the CMO/CCO.

#4: Create a Company Social Media Newsletter

Send out a regular newsletter to all employees explaining the results of their social media efforts.

Examples of things to include in this type of newsletter:

Special mentions of excellent blog articles and the employees who wrote them
Increase in the number of website visitors due to social media/blogging efforts
Leads and sales that were a direct result of social media campaigns
Positive customer testimonials/comments referencing blog posts, videos, etc.
Examples of how specific pieces of content led to a sale that otherwise likely would not have occurred
Question and feedback opportunities for the employees

Awareness is key to building long-term momentum

#5: Continue Training and Education

Staying up to date and educated is necessary for long-term success.

Train all employees in the basics of producing video

source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-ways-to-get-your-entire-company-on-board-with-social-media/